Quality Articles of the Week – 24th of February 2017

Quality Articles of the week 24th February 2017

Back on track for the week.  We have found a new Website of the Week, as well as articles from across the spectrum of general fitness, strength training, movement and mental goodness, among others.

Website of the Week

Now who in their right minds wouldn’t want to read about getting stronger?  As I thought, everybody.  Now what about including a little bit of science in there?  Yup.  Mention science, most people drop their hands, like some miracle has occurred.  At the end of the day, there are three ways to learn.  Your gut feel.  Bro-science, or real science.  I know which one I would choose all the time.

Stronger By Science

General Fitness

Trackers.  We have seen their sales sky rocket, but what do they do?  Well most track movement (or lack thereof), calories burnt, sleep, among other things.  But do they work?  Well, it depends.  It will depend on your mindset.  It depends what time of device you use, as well as what you want it to do for you.  Take a look below.

Science: Your new fitness tracker will not work miracles

Don’t squat below parallel.  Get those knees in line with your toes.  Myths, or truths?  Take a read.

Squat myth – Knees should never go past your toes

This questions get bought up whenever someone misses a couple of sessions, so instead of me re-inventing the wheel, why not just share this…

Do you lose fitness faster than you gain it?

Shoes.  There is an absolute killing happening in the industry.  Different colours.  Different requirements.  Pronation.  Neutral.  But, in all honesty, does it really matter?  Well glad you asked.

Active Voice: In Pursuit of Injury-free Running — Does Footwear Matter?

Movement Goodness

We have heard it time and time again, lengthening the muscle.  Rub it is gets longer, but does it?  If you want to know the answer, then click on the link.

Can Massage Therapy Lengthen A Muscle?

Between Cor-Kinetic and MTDC, my learning experience is going through the roof.  This is an interesting read, and I think a lot of people will really be in tune with this type of analogy.

Are painful FLARE UPS to exercise just like SUNBURN? (and why might we need analogy anyway?)

Strength Training

If you are running on a treadmill, and not doing any weight training, then time to change up a couple of your running sessions, to lifting….Go on, you know you want to.

Trying to Shed That Belly? Step Off the Treadmill and Grab Some Weights, Boys & Girls! 19x More Visceral, 1.5x Higher Subcutaneous Fat Loss W/ Resistance Training in Youths

Machines.  I used to have a real set against them.  I still do against the Smith Machine, especially when trainers are trying to teach people how to squat.  Now I still have some issues, but I can appreciate what they can be used for, and how well people can use them.

Rise of the (Weight) Machines: Why Exercise Equipment is Not As Bad You’ve Been Told

Greg Nuckols.  Winner of the best beard award for strong as fuck guys in 2016.  Educated, clever, and awesome content keeper, and sharer.

Training to Failure, or Just Training to Fail?

If your Overhead Squat position sucks (yes, it’s like this is written just for me), click on the link, and get educated.

Improving Overhead Squat Movement

Diet and Nutrition

How do Examine do all this content for free?  Why?  Because they care.  They care about people learning.  They care about getting the right information out there.

4 science-based “superfoods” you should consider eating

James Fell.  Well done.

How To Lose Over 7 Pounds With No Effort

This will come as no surprise.  Transformation challenges.  30 day fitness challenges.  Going cold turkey off one particular food group because a celebrity chef says so.

Why so many people regain weight after dieting

Vitamin D.  Are you deficient?  How do you know?  Well let Professor Close give you all the correct information.

You are Vitamin D deficient – or are you?

This is probably the greatest heading I have ever read.  KISS.  Not the band, but the acronym for training and nutrition.  Keep It Simple Stupid.  Thank you SBS.

Training and Diet are Simple Because Your Body is Complex

Mental Goodness

If I would have had a name for mine I wouldn’t have used a name such as Clive.  I would have chosen something much more vulgar.  This is a great article.  I hope it helps you.

I named my anxiety Clive and it changed my life

Do you visualise? Have you tried it in the past and failed?  Maybe you have never tried it.  Time to get reading and see how it can work to your advantage.


Morgan Freeman.  Thank you.

Courage is the key to life itself


If I can get out of bed and put my shoes on at 105, the world will be a great place….

Lessons on Aging Well, From a 105-Year-Old Cyclist

There are times when we need to admit we were wrong.  It gets tougher the longer it goes on for, so its always refreshing when you hear of someone like a Nobel Prize winner admit his failings.

“I placed too much faith in underpowered studies:” Nobel Prize winner admits mistakes


This is a very good question, as it’s a concern that I share.  We can provide all the exercise progression and regressions, show them how to perform, how much rest, but yet, we are unsure.  If you provide programs to clients, this will come in handy.

Do patients perform home-exercises correctly?!

Sporting parents.  Your children playing sport is not about you… .

10 tips for sport parents

Do you schedule deload weeks?  What about using the finishing of a training block prior to competition instead of a deload?  Thought you may find this interesting….

Training Cessation as a Method of Tapering for Strength

The heading says it all…

Parenting- Discovering which activities your kids are passionate about s their job not yours

Started Reading

This has been sitting for a little while now for me to plough through.  If you want a book ot learn more about how to split up training programs for your sports, then get this book.  It will answer many questions.

Periodization Training for Sports


Quality Articles of the week (actually 3 weeks, but no one is counting…hopefully) 17th February 2017

Well hasn’t February rounded us up nicely.  Halfway through the month.

I became a year older (don’t think wiser though), become a grandparent, and seen my baby brother get married.  Oh, and there was also a think called retirement thrown in as well.  It was a tough thing to think about.  Throw away a lucrative fortnightly salary, to become my own boss, and take the School into the next level.  I am indeed excited that that step has occurred.  Now enough with the blabbering, get onto the content!

Movement Goodness

MTDC has been listed in the past as the website of the week and for good reason.  Their content is sound, has plenty of base level and advanced thought processes, and can get the message across easily.  If you want to move better, then head to this page to read about repeated motions.

5 reasons why you should be doing repeated motions

Strength Training

Bret Contreras. PhD.  Voted best beard of 2016 (well not really, but that beard is definitely rocking).  I am always blown away by the level of information Bret produces.  This one is definitely up there.  If you have a trainer or a coach telling you that you can only squat one way, then please, and with my permission, send this article out.  Some people learn.  Some people are stuck in their own little way.

How femur lengths effects squat mechanics

Yes.  I know that MAS shouldn’t be in strength training.  But, if I don’t have a speed heading, then where am I to put it Dear Liza?  Maybe under coaching, but lets be honest, not many people get down that far…….

Maximal Aerobic Speed

Lars Avemarie to me is the Spock of all things health and fitness.  Always learning.  Always sharing knowledge.

Strength and Conditioning Hypertrophy Notes

Diet and Nutrition

5 a day?  What the fuck is 5 a day?  Ohhhh you mean fruits and vegetables?  Sorry.  My bad.

How to eat your five a day on the cheap

We all think we can tell when we are really hungry, but how do we know for sure?  Well, click on the link and find out…

Are you really, truly, hungry?

Examine once again are my go-to resource.  I have learnt so much in my time reading and researching it blows my mind that the majority of their content is free.

What should I eat for Weight Loss

Soy is bad!!!  It’s worse than sugar!!!  Burn the farmers crops!  Quick Ma.  Grab my pitchfork. Nutrition zealots are as bad, if not worse, than movement zealots.  i am glad research such as this gets out there.

Clinical studies show no effects of soy protein or isoflavones on reproductive hormones in men: results of a meta-analysis

I am all for restricting calories when done the right way.  But, did you know that it can be quite harmful, especially when you do it day after day, week after week?  Let Authority Nutrition provide you some guidance..

5 Ways Restricting Calories Can Be Harmful

The folks over at Precision Nutrition are pretty smart.  They want people to have the right information, instead of being lured with the promise of quick and easy fixes.  Here they take a look at the Ketogenic Diet, or KD for short.

The Ketogenic Diet: Does it live up to the hype?

Mental Goodness

If this doesn’t change what you think about movement, nothing will.

Predictive Coding: Why Expectation Matters for Movement and Pain

Sleep deprivation. We all have had it. So, if we have all had it, what can it do to us?  Click the link.  Read the link.  Get to sleep earlier…..

How Sleep Deprivation Decays the Mind and Body

Now.  This will indeed make you think.  Think how often you have had a week or two of shitty, interrupted sleep, only to get a sore back?  The linkages are there.

How your sleep patterns could be contributing to your back pain


Iceland.  A place where there is Ice and Land.  I wonder how they got the name??  What they have also done is found a novel way to reducing teens abusing substances.  Marvelous idea really.  But because it’s Iceland, and not the US or the UK, we aren’t listening. Such a pity.

Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse – but the rest of the world isn’t listening

Don’t you just love the helpers.  Don’t cry.  It will get better.  Don’t worry.  It will go away.  How about just loosen up?  Yup, gets me annoyed as well….

Stop telling me to loosen up

I love the content that Martin Rooney and the Training for Warriors group puts out.  It makes you think about your little place in the sun, and how you can make it better, and involve others as well, so that can also share the goodness.  This story does all that.

6 Lessons From A Battle With Cancer


This will get the tongues wagging no doubt.  Instead of going off half cocked, read the article.

Strength and speed isn’t your greatest asset

Science for Sport is such a great resource for all coaches.  If there is anything you want to learn, then go to their page, type in the subject, and I have no doubt they will have something for you.

Heart Rate Variability

We all have to learn.  With learning comes mistakes. However, what mistakes would you wished you hadn’t made?  Are they similar to the ones here?.

8 Coaching Mistakes I Wish I Never Made

Started Reading

This has been sitting for a little while now for me to plough through.  If you want a book ot learn more about how to split up training programs for your sports, then get this book.  It will answer many questions.

Periodization Training for Sports

Finished Reading

Just do the dishes.  Don’t think about your TV program.  Don’t think about your cup of tea you are going to make.  Just focus on doing the dishes.  This is the third time I have read this book, and I continue to pull things from it.

The miracle of mindfulness