SOS Chats

At School of Strength Bega, something we do just as well as lift, hinge and pull is TALK!

Join us for SOS Chats – a podcast where we chat to everyday humans about their mental health struggles.

Our conversations are unedited. The clock will keep ticking for 40 minutes (because you know it is a school)  and we will talk candidly about our mental health challenges. If there are tears, there are tears. It’s what life is all about. We have to keep moving forward.

If this podcast brings up any issues for you, always know that you can reach out to organisations such as LIFELINE on 13 11 14 where help is available any time, day and night. There is always someone willing to listen to you, so never think that you’re alone.

As Adrian likes to say, get on the bus!

Find us on all good podcast channels.  Just search for “SOS Chats”!