I have never EVER been to a gym before in my life. I hated the whole idea of it. I love going to SOS! It’s helped me with goal setting, I’ve met some great people and it’s loads of fun. I’ve laughed hard and even learnt some new words! I’m getting stronger, mid-life aches and pains are going away. I feel more confident!  Thanks Adrian – Kate, 49

A huge thank you to Adrian and Susie at SOS for providing me with an awesome “Distance” strength and mobility program.  Being 900km from Bega has not proved to be an obstacle to the benefits of ecellent training, knowledge and support provided by SOS – Allen, 52

I am not a gym goer, but the School is not a gym.  It is a place where I can rant, where I can speak my mind, and have someone really listen to me.  Plus we get some movement to my body, which is always a good thing! – Jill, 65

Great staff, quality equipment, positive and cheerful environment.  Such a great place to train. – Lucy, 28

Welcoming and genuine.  It’s a great place to train. – Phil, Young At Heart