Small Group Training

You have a bunch of friends you like to train with. They like similar stuff to what you do. They are all focused on getting to the gym and training. Small group training is for you!

The group sizes at the School are limited to no more than 10.  Why?  Well it’s because as coaches, we like to coach.  We like to get to know our students.  We like to get to know what their interests are.  What they have been up to.  Where they are going.

We focus on making the body stronger, and our mind more resilient.  There will be exercises that you will most likely have never done before.  There are some that you will done before, but now are doing the exercise properly with correct form.  There will be some cursing and some complaining, but at the end of session you will stand back and think “Did I really just do all that?”

If you like to throw things around, if you like to try something different, lift a weight you never dreamed of, and want to feed off the energy of the group and work for each other, then let the School design sessions you have never had before. We can create a group around you or you can join an existing small group. Motivate each other and get strong together.  After all, strength is the secret sauce.