Nutrition Coaching

Paleo.  Keto.  Vegetarian.  Dietary Guidelines.  Chocolatarian.  Clean eating.  What do these all mean?

Nutrition can be a confusing subject at the best of times.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  To be successful in nutrition you need to think about these questions:

Is your diet effective?  Do you need to remove highly nutrient dense food from your shopping list.

Is your diet efficient?  Do you need to add supplements to make sure you are getting adequate micro nutrients.

Is your diet safe?  Do you need to remove all nutrient dense food that you chew, to throw it in a blender and drink it?  How about not eating at all, and just having cabbage soup for a week?

Is your diet sustainable?  If you have dieted before, do you find that you crash and burn after 4-6 weeks, making people around you trying to force food into your mouth to stop the “hangriness’?

Do you struggle with getting an idea of the food you should eat?  Do you understand that you really don’t need to eat, just because the clock says a certain time?

Do you understand the difference between proteins, fats and carbohydrates?  Do you know what job each of the macro nutrients have in our daily and weekly eating plans.  Do you know what a serve of “food” looks like?

What about supplements?  Do you just take the advice of the person selling it, or do you need to have a better grasp and what is crucial to aid recovery and fat loss and muscle building?

The School can work with you to develop solid eating plans (after all, the idea is to teach you, not tell you what to eat) and allow you to eat the foods you love.  After all, life is all about enjoying it, the food we eat, and the people we eat it with, play a bigger part than we can imagine.  We will teach you to not be dogmatic with your food choices.  We also have a library where nutrition is just part of what you can read.

Photos provided are food options that we eat here at the School, as well as provided by clients to us for feedback.  Nothing is off the menu.  After all, if your diet is that restrictive that you can’t share a slice of Grandma’s best cake on her 95th birthday, there are some bigger problems that need to be looked at first.

We can also provide you with solid advice and suggestions on supplements.