School of Strength students are like a big happy family. New friendships are formed, you support and motivate each other – or you can just go it on your own, but someone from the School is always there to support you.

We also support our community. After all, they support us in what we do, so why not share the love to them? You will find the famous SOS logo everywhere, no matter what their sport. All athletes need to be strong – where do they turn? School of Strength.

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The School proudly supports:

  • Far South Coast Falcons Rugby Union
  • Bega Bombers Seniors AFL
  • Bega Bombers Juniors AFL
  • Red Energy Rugby League program
  • Bega Swimming Club
  • Far South Coast Motorcycle Club
  • Bega Angeldale Cricket Club
  • Bega Roosters Junior Rugby League
  • Bega Devils Soccer Club
  • Bega Squash
  • Tathra Bowling Club

Further to this, we also support, or have supported, individual athletes, such as Bailey Smith (Motocross), Tom Constance (Motocross), Jasmin Constance (Motocross), Jim Campbell (Cycling), Dayna DeCosta (Rugby Union), Xantia McCormack (Rugby Union), Lily Hayden (Rugby Union), Shakira Dummett (Rugby Union) and Jade Allen (Cricket).