Our Approach

The School of Strength was created in 2013 to fill a void in the current landscape of strength training in the Bega Valley and surrounds.  When you walk into most gymnasiums, you are met with a wall to wall experience of machines, both pin loaded and cardio equipment, with little or no instruction in how to use it, unless you paid for a personal training visit.

At the School we focus on the big rocks of movement. We hip hinge.  We squat. We push, and we pull. We test and re test. After all, why go to the gym, if you are unsure if you are getting stronger and faster?

Our Story

The goal at the School is to get people to move more and feel better.  How I hear you ask?  We focus on the individual.  We focus on the goals on the person, not the group.  We coach and provide guidance and support.  Most of all we discuss.  In our group training sessions we discuss movement strategies around injuries.  We discuss strategies to get better sleep.  We discuss nutritional requirements.

In our one-on-one individualised strength and mobility sessions we discuss personal items like life, family, holidays, goals, what is annoying you the most, and outcomes to deal with these better, and the most important factor, your why.  Without your why, there are no goal settings. There are no strength gains. There are no performance outcomes

At the School we cater to athletes of all ages.  From juniors, to the masters athletes.  However, while our focus is on athletes, we also cater to mums and dads.  Granddads and grandmums.  We all deserve to be able to use our strength in every day life.  Whether that be to carry the kids all day, or to take every bag of shopping inside in only one trip.

The School is not a walk in gym. We have found that this way is not in our best interests for overall health and wellbeing, so we structure our settings around you. We find a time and day that best suits you, and we put that time in both calendars and we stick to it.  Think of it like a doctors and dentists appointment. This is how your health should be treated. Yes, we can change the days and times from time to time, but once you are locked into a time and date, it’s all systems go.

The School is also an NDIS Provider for anyone with special needs, and currently has 5 students who are NDIS qualified.  We can tailor the sessions to suit the individuals needs and challenges.

Private one-on-one sessions are available as well as small group sessions, nutrition advice and online coaching.

It’s About You

It is a gym. You matter. Your goals matter. The food you love matters. How you move matters  The techniques Adrian teaches come from many coaches. If the exercise, movement or device works on Adrian and Susie then they will refine it and allow it to be used by the students.

Students range from 10 to 83 year young.  We have Junior Athlete Development Programs, Men’s Only, Ladies Only and Mixed Group classes, and of course grandparents classes.  You can participate in one-on-one sessions or small group sessions, whatever suits your needs.  Bring your why.  Change your life.

Our Equipment & Facilities

Barbells.  Dumbbells.  Balls.  Kettlebells. Bands.  Bags.  Racks.  A sled and sled track. Your own body is always used.  We also have a Water Rower, a Concept 2 Ski Erg, the Wattbike Atom, and the machine that everyone loves to hate, the deceiving Air Bike.

These are the devices that the school uses on your body to make it better. To make it stronger. To allow it to become resilient. Our gym is private and there are no ‘drop-ins’, all sessions are scheduled or by appointment.


Remember, strength is the secret sauce.



Be Strong

To be strong you must learn to deal with your mind. The body will follow where the mind leads.



Inspired by the Underground Strength Nation and created with the Real Movement Project in mind.


Adrian Day

Founder & Head Trainer

Adrian Day’s students will tell you:

“He knows a lot of stuff.”

“Adrian makes you work really hard.”

“What does Adrian know about fitness and strength? Everything!”

Adrian is constantly researching, studying, testing and learning. Here are his current quals:

Accredited Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Undergoing Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Accreditation

First Aid and Resus Certified

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