Small Group Training Sessions

At the School of Strength you can join a small group or even start your own. Motivate each other! Small group training at the School of Strength works. All sessions are designed around the goals of the group.

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One-On-One Personal Training

This is where the program and exercises are all about you. Your goals.  Your why. The School of Strength offers personalised sessions coupled with homework. Every program in this service is about your goals.

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Personal Nutrition Coaching

The School of Strength can work with you to develop solid eating plans and allow you to eat the foods you love.  Don't be bamboozled by the misinformation out there, let the School help you find your way. After all, life is all about enjoyment.

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Online Exercise Coaching

At the School of Strength we focus on your goals. Sometimes it is not convenient to get to the School in Bega, NSW. We have clients from everywhere! We have clients who are members of other gyms all over Australia who just want the best, personally tailored program.

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Blog & News

Can we stop demonising food?

This is a photo of a home made cupcake. It is made from butter, sugar, flour. It has some icing which has been made with colours and flavours. And it tasted great!! As you can see there are 5. In the group, there are 6. Each person had one each, while two other people shared […]