Welcome to the page dedicated to the most up to date, most awesome, most fantastic group training schedule ever to exist!!

If you are new to how the School operates, we are a “By Appointment Only” Facility where the timetable caters for everyone.  We have groups for Ladies Only, Men Only, Mixed groups, as well as the Over 60’s.  Our focus is on getting everyone stronger, as well as moving better.

As they say, strength is the secret sauce!

SOS Group Schedule – November 2021

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Is there a “Best” Gym?

Total reading time 5 minutes.  You will spend less time reading this than you will choosing what underwear to wear. “Hey Adrian.  Where is the best gym?” It’s a question that comes up in conversation everyday, either by students, or just members of the general public, and it’s a tough one to answer. Why?  Because, […]

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From Susie and I here at the School

Don’t worry about New Years Resolutions. Don’t worry about trying to eat “clean”. Don’t worry about bashing yourself up in the gym, trying to burn calories. Don’t worry about setting yourself big, unmanageable goals. Don’t worry about cleanses or detoxes. Save your money to buy yourself a good pair of runners or walking shoes. Start […]