With gyms slowly and surely opening back up in Australia, there are going to be many of us (myself included) who is going to suck when we enter the doors of the gym again.  Joints are going to creak.  Muscles are going to ache.  Lungs are going to feel like they are going to burst.  You will most likely be a little heavier, and move a little bit worse than before.  It’s okay.

I just want to say it’s okay to suck.  It’s okay to go back to the start of the program you started before Rona struck.  It’s okay to just turn back up and just curl (just don’t do it in the squat rack).  It’s okay to feel like a novice again. It’s okay to ask for help.  It’s okay   It’s actually okay not the go back to the gym either, or even find another gym to train at.  Take time to think about what your priorities are, and if the gym is the right fit for you.  You may find it better for your mental and physical health to just walk.  Or ride your bike.  Or just do your exercises at home. It’s okay.

Now, I know this sounds strange coming from a bloke who runs a gym.  After all, making a living from training people is what I have done for last 7 years.  It’s what I love doing, regardless of your skill set, or fitness levels. But this is a time when you have to make you a priority.  So, if going to the gym isn’t a priority after all the fuckery that has happened in 2020, then I am happy for you.

What I want you to know to is not okay is being bullied to return to the gym you stopped going to before Rona hit.  It’s not okay to have not been looked after with various on line training modules, training programs, on line sessions etc.  If your gym postponed your membership, but did nothing to help keep you active and mentally well during this time, before you sign back up, check to see why they didn’t offer anything.  If they don’t provide you with a worthy response, they only care about the $$.  they do not deserve your business.  They don’t deserve your hard earned $$$.

So remember it’s okay to suck.  It’s okay to feel anxiety.  It’s okay to wonder if the gym is for you.  It’s okay to sit back and eat chocolate.  It’s okay to seek out help.


SOS Bega

“Strength. The Secret Sauce”