Pretty catchy song title wouldn’t it be.  I can just imagine a big strong group of PT’s and Strength and Conditioning coaches banging out the lyrics of Meatloaf, but changing the words a little.  But, I digress.

Here is a collection of what the School won’t do.

The School won’t take your money and make you feel uncomfortable about training in your space.  This is the reason why we have different groups for men only, ladies only as well as mixed groups.  We also have early morning sessions (not everyone likes the early morning), as well as lunchtime HIIT sessions, and evening sessions. 

The School won’t tell you what to eat and when to eat.  After all, we all lead different lives, and have different requirements, so what works for Susie and I, may not work for you.  We will take a look at your current dietary requirements, and make some slight changes/recommendations (if need be) with your input.  No food is off limits.  Our two big focus points is protein and sleep.  Besides, life is too short to live on chicken breast and broccoli. We have regular discussions in our groups, as well as with our Personal Training students about what they are eating, and where.

The School won’t lock you into 3, 6 or twelve month plans.  Life is crazy at the best of times, and there that’s without changes in lifestyle arrangements (where you live and the job you have) as well as personal arrangements (living together, having babies etc).  All we do is get you to treat your session here like a Doctors or Dentist appointment, and turn up.  We take care of the rest.  We even check up on you if you haven’t turned up, and if its a regular occurrence, we sit down and have a coffee and a chat, to see what we can help with.

The School won’t get cranky or upset if you go to another gym.  After all, there are times that what we have on offer here, students need a little bit extra.  That may be a yoga session, or a weekend gym session with their friends.  We know we aren’t a one stop shop.


The School won’t use the same routine over and over and over, as well as the same playlist.  We like to focus on the big rocks of movement.  The squat.  The hinge.  Upper Push and upper body pull.  Add in a little bit of speed and power development.  We like to make sure that the mind is right to go, get some discussions going, and have a giggle and try something different that you may not have done in the past.

The School won’t sell you overpriced supplements.  While we do stock Mirrabooka Protein, and Muscle Chef meals, not to mention coffee (mmmm coffffeee) and some other items, we believe that your nutrition should come from food first.  We won’t tell you take take this supplement, or powder, or whatever else people are selling to make their bank balance larger.  We focus on you. What your goals are.  What your nutrition habits are.

As a client said to us the other day, the School is like a family.  We listen to problems.  We don’t judge.  We like to help students get the best results they can be that strength, movement, weight loss, or longevity.  After all, everyone’s goal should be to live life as long as they can, and as fulfilling as they can, and with the most movement and laughter as well.