Articles of the Month – September 2018

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After a lengthy layoff (no it wasn’t jail time) it is time to ramp up the blogging again.

The lengthy break was due to the School undergoing a transition.  I quit my full time job, and turned the School into a bigger, more complete Performance Centre.

Website of the month

During my time away from blogging, I read. And read some more.  And even read some more after that.  In among all that reading, I found Game Changer by Fergus.  As a coach, I find it crucial to learn new styles, so it was wonderful when I found that Fergus’s website was just as good as his book.

So, if you want to become a better coach, then click the link and learn.

Fergus Connolly


General Health and Fitness

We all suffer from motivation issues from time to time.  After all, who wants to leave the warmth of their bed to go and exercise.  Egg and lentil salad, instead of a Cheese burger?  C’mon.  Wake up.  But these issues face all of us.  What can we do about it?  Read the blog by Adam and get some help.

Low motivation – Adam Meakins

Some people swear by probiotics.  Me.  Not so much.

There’s really not much proof probiotics work: Study – ABC News


Movement Goodness

While it is important o have you working desk set at the right height, moving is crucial to getting more comfort from neck pain.

Don’t believe me.  Click the link.

Exercise more important than ergonomics in preventing neck pain – Health Times

Strength Training

While this is slanted at the ladies, men can also take the hint.

If your goal in gym life is to get stronger, but you are struggling, you can do two things.  Learn from coaches about technique.  Learn how to recover properly.

Or you can just read this brilliant article from Tony.

Actually do both.

Ladies. Here’s why you are not getting strong(er) – Tony Gentilcore

Diet and Nutrition

What are your macro ratios?  How much fibre do you have?  When is your last meal?  These are all the nutrition questions that most trainers ask.  However, most people don’t really know the answer to those questions, and let’s be honest, they don’t really need to.

So if you struggle with giving the right advice to clients, start here.

Nutritional minutiae doesn’t really matter as much as what we think it does – The Real life RD

Goals are like workouts.  Without them you are just going to keep going in circles.  At the School we train.  We train with purpose.  We have a laugh, but we always get the work done.  We always squat or hinge.  We always push and pull.  We do some overhead work.  Why?  Because that is what the human body is designed to do.

If you are struggling to set a goal, click the link below.

The key to your body goals: no matter what they may be – Composure Fitness

Mental Goodness

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Do you see grey in your hair?  How about those dodgy knees?  Do you ever look and smile?  Do we ever tell ourselves we are so much more than just what you can see.  I am guessing not.

So take a read of this great article from Girls Gone Strong.

Valuing Ourselves Beyond the Physical Aspect – Girls Gone Strong


We all tell those little jokes that we know we shouldn’t.  We say things that make some people cringe.  Do you ever stop to think what would happen if your friends who are that nationality, or that sexual persuasion, heard you speak like that?

Everyday Racism in the Fitness World and Beyond – Girls Gone Strong


We all want accountability.  In our jobs.  In our home life.  But what happens when you are a trainer and your clients rely on you to keep them accountable?

Simple answer is you don’t.  That decision is up to them.  The longer answer lies in the article below.

On Client Accountability – Strength Faction

Currently Reading

Some people reckon I consume books like some people consume Spaghetti Bolaganise (I am pretty handy at that as well), so instead of boring you with all of the material I have read, here are the last couple.

If you are a new coach, this book should be the first one you buy.  It should be ear marked, dog tagged, and read to within an inch of its life.  Why?  Because it’s that good!!!

Endurance.  One of space last frontiers….

Oops.  Sorry.  Got excited about Star Trek.  Let’s try again.

Endurance.  Some people have it, while others struggle to tie their own shoes without getting out of breath.  Others can run for miles and not blow out a candle, while some clutch their chest walking upstairs.  Is it the mind that controls the body, or the other way around?

The answer is in the book.  This was loaned to me, and I will definitely be heading down to the local independent book store (Hey Candelo Books) and order a copy in.


Ron McKeefery is a dead set legend in the world of strength and conditioning, and like all legends in the world of S&C, nobody knows of him outside of that sphere.

If you are an up and coming S&C coach, then buy this BOOK now!  It’s more than just a book on coaching.  It’s a book about the life of a great coach, and how to get better.