When you go to a gym class, you know exactly what you are going to do, whether that be step, Zumba, Zuu, Spin or Yoga. We may even get to know the music track. You know what the warm up is, you know how the class flows, and you know what the movements are.  You know how long you are going to work for.  You know how hard your efforts are.  Hell, you even know when the cool down is about to start.

Here at the School, we run strength and mobility sessions, for men only, ladies only, mixed groups, as well as junior athlete development.  It’s not about getting the “pump” with 1000 reps with light weight.  It’s not about spinning the wheel on the exercise bike.  Here at the School our focus in on the big rocks of movement.  You can bring your own playlist, or put up with ours.  As long as every likes it, it will get played.

During our sessions, we will coach you though the movements. We aren’t cheerleaders. We will get you to squat. We will get you to bench press. We will get you to deadlift. We will get you to pull. We will get you to expend some serious power and energy in our testing and competition phases. We will use your own bodyweight. We will use machines.  We will use dumbbells. We will use kettlebells.  We will barbells.  We will use big plates.   We will use bands to stretch and activate joints. We will use ropes for additional stretching. We have a series of massage balls, and “toys” to aid in recovery. We know our students, and their bodies. We can cater every session based on who is in the group, and if we have any injury concerns.  We even engage with your doctors, physios, and any other health professional to make sure that we know what you body is right for.

On the back door there is a “Big Arsed Goals” board where we if you have an event coming up, or you have some goals you want to achieve, they get written up and ticked off when completed.

If you want to come and see what the School does, and who it caters for, then come and reach out and say hello.  If you time it right, the coffee machine may even be on.  You can even grab a book from the library if you want.  After all, every good School needs a library.