We have a schedule!!!

As many of you are aware, SOS is a “By Appointment Only” facility.

Here’s our group schedule, there’s plenty for all ages (currently SOS student’s age range from 8 to 83). We do strength and mobility.  Our focus is on getting you moving better and stronger for life. .

Become a student here at SOS, you will have your scheduled sessions, however, if you are unable to attend your normal session, we can definitely find an alternate group.

As our schedule indicates, we have groups that are catered to men only, women only, mixed groups, as well as groups for our older men and women. We also have junior athlete groups, as well as private one on one or private group training.

Are we the best in what we do? We like to to think so, but we let our students do our talking for us.

So if you want to know what the School can do for you, reach out and come and have a coffee and a chat.


The School of Strength’s Weekly Program – January 2021