Is there a “Best” Gym?

Total reading time 5 minutes.  You will spend less time reading this than you will choosing what underwear to wear.

“Hey Adrian.  Where is the best gym?”

It’s a question that comes up in conversation everyday, either by students, or just members of the general public, and it’s a tough one to answer. Why?  Because, it’s not a here or there answer. It’s not even my standard answer “It depends”. I could answer “School of Strength”, but it’s not that simple.  Some people fit our philosophy.  Some people don’t.  And, you know what! That’s okay. So, let me explain it a bit further.

For me, a gym should have the following at the very least:

  • Some form of cardio equipment





  • Some form of strength equipment

  • Some form of mobility apparatus, whether that be foam rollers, bands, sticks or balls.
  • Some form of warm up area

  • Some form of linkage to allied health professionals, and are well respected in their area of expertise.
  • A warm and inviting environment

Now, based on your requirements, these can go in a multitude of orders. Me personally, it’s all about the strength and mobility kit. Foam rollers.  Massage balls.  Mini bands.  Racks.  Benches.  Quality Olympic bars.  Pretty, coloured bumper plates.  Chin up bar.  I am not fussed what sort of flooring there is.  Just as long as it’s flat underneath the rack.  I am not too interested either by the environment.  Just as long as they let me do my own thing.  I can still remember going to a gym, telling the front counter staff what I was going to do, only to head to the gym floor and be told I couldn’t do the things as part of my own program.  No slams.  Too noisy. No handstand practice against the wall as its dangerous. Poor maintained bars.  I didn’t even ask for my money back. I just informed the person behind the counter when someone tells you what they need to do, make sure that this is allowed in your space.

Your idea might be the latest machines, wall to wall mirrors, while it could even be a place where you and your friends feel supported and welcome.   We all have our own little pet hates, and pet loves. This is what you need to find out for yourself.  You can’t let others push you into a gym, or a training space where you don’t feel good about training there.  That suits their needs and requirements, not yours.  Believe it or not, your needs and requirements are what matter when you are looking for a training place.

There are many more reasons why you may class one gym as a better one, and each have their pros and cons.  However, at the end of the day, there is not one best gym, because if there was, there wouldn’t be gyms popping up everywhere.  After all, not everyone likes vanilla ice cream.  Mmmmm.  Ice Cream.

So, if you haven’t yet found the right gym, or “best gym” keep looking.  You never know where the best gym may turn up.  Or, you may even do what I did, and start your own.

Remember, while their may be contests held in every location on the country to find the “Best”, whether that be coffee, cake, dinner, bread, beer, breakfast (and the list goes on and on), your decision is the only one that matters. Same applies to picking a gym to train at.  So my advice is to ask around.  Go and visit each one.  Get a feel for who goes there when you are likely to go. Find out the prices.  Find out what they offer.

Oh, and don’t be shy to say, “Sorry this just isn’t working out here.”  After all, its your money.





From Susie and I here at the School

Don’t worry about New Years Resolutions.

Don’t worry about trying to eat “clean”.

Don’t worry about bashing yourself up in the gym, trying to burn calories.

Don’t worry about setting yourself big, unmanageable goals.

Don’t worry about cleanses or detoxes. Save your money to buy yourself a good pair of runners or walking shoes.

Start by thinking about getting your sleep right. Put your device out of the room.

Get moving. Even if it’s to the mailbox. Just do something to get those muscles and your brain firing. You dont have to start out hard, but you do need to start.

Remember, strength is the secret sauce!

You will suck in the first week back to the gym, and it’s okay

With gyms slowly and surely opening back up in Australia, there are going to be many of us (myself included) who is going to suck when we enter the doors of the gym again.  Joints are going to creak.  Muscles are going to ache.  Lungs are going to feel like they are going to burst.  You will most likely be a little heavier, and move a little bit worse than before.  It’s okay.

I just want to say it’s okay to suck.  It’s okay to go back to the start of the program you started before Rona struck.  It’s okay to just turn back up and just curl (just don’t do it in the squat rack).  It’s okay to feel like a novice again. It’s okay to ask for help.  It’s okay   It’s actually okay not the go back to the gym either, or even find another gym to train at.  Take time to think about what your priorities are, and if the gym is the right fit for you.  You may find it better for your mental and physical health to just walk.  Or ride your bike.  Or just do your exercises at home. It’s okay.

Now, I know this sounds strange coming from a bloke who runs a gym.  After all, making a living from training people is what I have done for last 7 years.  It’s what I love doing, regardless of your skill set, or fitness levels. But this is a time when you have to make you a priority.  So, if going to the gym isn’t a priority after all the fuckery that has happened in 2020, then I am happy for you.

What I want you to know to is not okay is being bullied to return to the gym you stopped going to before Rona hit.  It’s not okay to have not been looked after with various on line training modules, training programs, on line sessions etc.  If your gym postponed your membership, but did nothing to help keep you active and mentally well during this time, before you sign back up, check to see why they didn’t offer anything.  If they don’t provide you with a worthy response, they only care about the $$.  they do not deserve your business.  They don’t deserve your hard earned $$$.

So remember it’s okay to suck.  It’s okay to feel anxiety.  It’s okay to wonder if the gym is for you.  It’s okay to sit back and eat chocolate.  It’s okay to seek out help.


SOS Bega

“Strength. The Secret Sauce”

“Another gym in Bega? Dont we have enough gyms in Bega already?”

Since taking over the space at 125 Auckland Street, I hear this every couple of days. Before signing the lease, I reached out to my various contacts inside and outside of the industry to see if what we were doing was the right thing, and asked that very question. The answer? At first glance, yes there are too many gyms in Bega. We seem to have a gym at every corner. However, at a closer look, there is not enough. All the gyms seem to have their own following, and their own pluses and minuses. We have Crossfit, bodybuilding, group classes by the dozen, as well as some outdoor activities, but yet we have a problem getting people to move better.

I think we need to remember the School started in 2013, in a part time capacity. I was training at a local facility, and I was a little underwhelmed with what I saw happening. Everyone had the same program, regardless as to what their goals were. There was no coaching, unless it happened in a one on one environment, and this was on the gym floor with all the other gym users. While it was a huge space, there was no soul or attitude about the place. Now this is just my opinion, and as everyone knows, opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one.

In 2016, we decided that we would take this a little more serious. I quit the golden handcuffs, and stepped up into a full time coaching role. Yes, there were some serious doubts (after all, who doesn't have them, especially when changing from a six figure salary to making your own $$$)

We doubled the space at the School, booked in students throughout the day, instead of early morning or late evening. We extended our group activities to include older men and ladies. We introduced Junior Athletic Development sessions. We looked after all our students the same. When this happened we had 105 students who had walked through the door. Now some of those students have moved interstate. Some were only here for a couple of months, while Students 2 and 3 have returned to the School (thank you Pete and Natalie).

We grew bigger and bigger. We added student after student. We took on volunteer strength and conditioning roles with the Far South Coast Falcons and Far South Coast Hockey. We wrote articles for the marvellous Bega Bombers AFL club. We took no new students on unless a cup of coffee was bought, and a face to face meeting was conducted. We rarely took any new students in the month of January unless their why was a huge one. This is the biggest problem I have with the fitness industry. They pray on people to sign up after making that huge New Years Eve Resolution to get fitter and lose weight, when in reality, they know that after 3 months, they will most likely not see them again, and they will still continue to collect their fortnightly deposits. To show you what I mean, let's look at this scenario:

"You sign up to a gym on January 4, for $17.50 a week. If you look at the over a monthly period, it's $60 per month. For the first twelve weeks, you are doing 3 sessions a week., and making some great changes. But then autumn kicks in. Your 3 sessions are week now drop to 1, but at $17.50 a session, thats still a great price. However, the next 3 months you don't go at all. So now instead of being $17.50 a session, your next session will cost you $197.50. You then make a mental note to go hammer and tongs over spring, getting that beach bod ready. But in your first week back, you load up too much, and do 5 sessions for that week. But now you are so sore you can't, and don't, even want to move. You do 1 session a week for the next 8 weeks.

Now summer rolls around, and you are busy. So it's another 6 weeks before you get back to the gym. Then it's party season and it seems that every time you think about getting to the gym, there is a party on, or a weekend away. It's another 5 weeks before you get back there. You are still hurting from that first week back, and you haven't had anyone check up on you to make sure you went to the physio about your back/knee/hip/shoulder/elbow issue. You just feel like the year was a huge waste of time, but it was only $17.50 a week, so you don't feel that the money paid was too much. You decide to sign up again for another year, and hope that you can get some help from the gym staff this time around."

At our last student count, we have 172 students who have graced the School. I have no doubt this will get a little bigger when we open the doors, however, we are "just not another gym". We are family. This is what makes us different. As someone said about what the School is:

"...your business is much more than a gym! Your holistic approach to wellness incorporates physicality and movement, diet, social wellbeing (positive competitions), community involvement and support, mental and emotional wellbeing and so much more".

We have been around since 2013, and as I say to people, we have moved from the hill, down to the town, to show people they have more options.

We have a student base ranging from 10 years of age, to 82 years young.

We have athletes, junior, senior, masters, as well as a couple of Australian reps.

We cater for all capabilities and abilities.

We just want you to enjoy movement.

We want you to understand that food is more than just fuel.

We want you to have fun.

Can we stop demonising food?

This is a photo of a home made cupcake. It is made from butter, sugar, flour. It has some icing which has been made with colours and flavours. And it tasted great!! As you can see there are 5. In the group, there are 6. Each person had one each, while two other people shared one. It was tasty. Well it was to me, and the others who had them.Now, there are people who will bang on about “artificial” colours and flavours being the devils work. They will tell you that sugar is “poison”. They will also tell you these cupcakes are “bad”, without understanding how they were made. And I get that, but not because of the reasons they are getting carried away with. Yes we eat too much. We aren’t mindful about what we are stuffing in our mouths, on an hourly, daily or weekly level. We simply don’t understand. If home made cupcakes are going to be demonised from our society, we have big issues. We have a society who are walking around like zombies, trying to survive off 4 hours sleep. We have a society that are getting too little Vitamin D. We have a society that sucks in stress, like they are sucking in air. We also have a society that is eating too much ultra processed foods, which are laden with fats, sugars and salt because it tastes “good”.

At the School we focus on the big three rocks. Movement, nutrition and recovery. If we don’t move, we feel like we can’t because of our joints. If we don’t eat wholesome, nutrient dense food, we get sluggish. If we don’t recover and sleep well, we feel like we have to stay inside to get all the work done. We then eat food at our desk, and come mid afternoon, we head to the vending machine for whatever falls out for the amount of money they have. “Hey John. Can you loan me $1? I need that double Mars Bar to get me through”.

If we can fix the world by eating more cupcakes, then I for one would want to try. Bake some and share them at work. Better yet, take the cupcakes outside and make people come to you. Think of it of like the carrot dangling in front of the horse. If we can get people to move a little more, get them outside into the Vitamin D, and get them to engage with other people face to face, instead of behind a screen, or on a phone, I think the world will be a much better place.

Post-Game Nutrition and Recovery – An Article for the Bega Bombers

Post-Game Nutrition and Recovery

You have just played a game of footy. You have most likely ran in excess of 5 kilometres (some senior players can travel up to 18 kilometres in a game).  You will most likely have lost around a kilogram or 2 of body-weight, and sweated around a litre of fluid from the body.  So post-game nutrition is important.  What should you eat post-game?  At the end of the day, we are looking to replenish the body with nutrient dense foods and fluids.


Think of hydration like watering the garden.  What does the garden need?  Water.  It’s that simple.  You don’t need Powerade, Gatorade or soft drinks.  You need water.  So, buy a water bottle and take it with you everywhere you go.  For those senior athletes, forgo the beer until you have finished cooling down, had a shower, and eaten.  Your body and your mind will love you more, as will the quality of your game.

Post-Game Nutrition

Here it is all about quality over quantity.  Your body may think that it needs MacDonald’s from the Drive Thru, but what it really needs is nutrient dense, calorie sparse food.  Think Chicken and salad sandwiches (you can make these the night before, and have a little esky to take with you.  Just don’t put the tomato near the bread).  Like pizza?  Well try a thin crust pizza, that is loaded with quality meat and veggies, and cheese. Carbs are also important for recovery, and protein is key for muscle growth and repair.  Supplements are just that, supplements.  They are not required, and in fact, they could harm your overall game.

Want do get a better understanding on what athletes actually eat?  Well, isn’t it great when you can find a link that outlines that for you?  Click below and find out.


Sleep is the most underrated recovery tool on the planet, and the easiest part of the whole process.  We should be regularly getting around 8 hours of sleep a night, and if you don’t your body develops a sleep debt.  Think of sleep like a bank.  If you want to perform well, you need adequate rest and recovery.  If you don’t get enough sleep, your body will take it when you don’t want it to.  Ever feel asleep through a movie? Fell asleep at the kitchen table?  These are signs you need to get more sleep.  Want to learn from the best and how they do it?  Click on the link…

Injury Management

What will be the one thing that will stop you from playing week in and week out?  Well yes.  Technically not getting picked is going to stop you from playing the following week, but we need to think a little bit clearer. What about if you get a bump, or an injury from the week before, or even at training?  Little bumps, bruises, sprains are the little events, that if not managed correctly can lead to bigger problems occurring such as muscle tears, ligament strains etc.  Don’t try to be tough and say “It doesn’t hurt”.  Do you want to walk around like a 3-legged elephant?    The best course of action when you get an injury, is to report it to your coach or manager. They will be able to provide you some advice on how to manage it.  It’s your injury, so it is up to you to do the best you can for yourself and your team mates.

Winning and Losing – What is the big difference, and how do we make it better

From time to time I write articles for the local Bega Bombers AFL side.  It’s such a great club, with a strong, moral compass, which is quite refreshing in this day and age.  The Bombers were my first club that looked for my services as an Strength and Conditioning Coach, and as such, I spent 3 years with their seniors and juniors.  This is the latest article.  I hope you enjoy it.

“Winning and Losing – What is the big difference, and how do we make it better”

I know it’s a very strange title, but let’s work with it a little bit.

Have you ever won a game, and thought “How did we win this?”

Let’s reverse that then: “How did we lose that game.  We did everything right.”

Winning at the end of the day on a footy field is all about scoring more points than the other team.  That’s it.  Same rule applies to losing.  Yup. You scored less points than the opposition.  It’s not rocket science, and it doesn’t need to be.  The thing that we need to be very careful is putting winning above everything else.   As a parent, do you tell your children they had a good game, regardless if they won or lost?  Do you tell them what they did wrong, instead of what they did right?  Do you cheer for the other side when they kick a goal, or do you berate the umpire when they get the decision wrong?

This quote from Harry Sheehy sums it up.

If you win, and all you do is walk around with your chest puffed out, telling everyone that you won, and you annihilated the opposition, belittle your opposition, refuse to shake their hands because they are “losers”, do you think you are really a winner?  What about when you lose?  Does mum and dad have to put up with your poor behaviour because you lost?  Do you sit in the corner and sulk?  Do you tell people to go away, and refuse to listen to any type of conversation because you lost?

The Stanford Children’s Health has a great article on what it means to be a good sport.  After all, isn’t that what we want to be?  Don’t we want to have fun, regardless of the score?  Don’t we want to enjoy the fact we are out there playing with our friends, and against our friends.  As a parent, don’t we want our children to understand that winning isn’t everything, and neither is losing?  It’s about the enjoyment.  It’s about the learning.  It’s about the experience.  It’s about the fresh air and sunshine.  It’s about sharing a moment with your child that you may never get again.

At the School, this is what we expect from all our students.  We respect the other players.  We respect those who give up their time to coach us. We sit and listen to what others have to say. We respect the other teams, and we celebrate and congratulate at the end of the game, or the sport we play.  This is why the School got involved with the wonderful Bega Bombers, because this is you do well.  You love the game.  You respect each other, and the opposition, and the umpires and the game.

Articles of the Month – September 2018

tenor Shaq.gif

After a lengthy layoff (no it wasn’t jail time) it is time to ramp up the blogging again.

The lengthy break was due to the School undergoing a transition.  I quit my full time job, and turned the School into a bigger, more complete Performance Centre.

Website of the month

During my time away from blogging, I read. And read some more.  And even read some more after that.  In among all that reading, I found Game Changer by Fergus.  As a coach, I find it crucial to learn new styles, so it was wonderful when I found that Fergus’s website was just as good as his book.

So, if you want to become a better coach, then click the link and learn.

Fergus Connolly


General Health and Fitness

We all suffer from motivation issues from time to time.  After all, who wants to leave the warmth of their bed to go and exercise.  Egg and lentil salad, instead of a Cheese burger?  C’mon.  Wake up.  But these issues face all of us.  What can we do about it?  Read the blog by Adam and get some help.

Low motivation – Adam Meakins

Some people swear by probiotics.  Me.  Not so much.

There’s really not much proof probiotics work: Study – ABC News


Movement Goodness

While it is important o have you working desk set at the right height, moving is crucial to getting more comfort from neck pain.

Don’t believe me.  Click the link.

Exercise more important than ergonomics in preventing neck pain – Health Times

Strength Training

While this is slanted at the ladies, men can also take the hint.

If your goal in gym life is to get stronger, but you are struggling, you can do two things.  Learn from coaches about technique.  Learn how to recover properly.

Or you can just read this brilliant article from Tony.

Actually do both.

Ladies. Here’s why you are not getting strong(er) – Tony Gentilcore

Diet and Nutrition

What are your macro ratios?  How much fibre do you have?  When is your last meal?  These are all the nutrition questions that most trainers ask.  However, most people don’t really know the answer to those questions, and let’s be honest, they don’t really need to.

So if you struggle with giving the right advice to clients, start here.

Nutritional minutiae doesn’t really matter as much as what we think it does – The Real life RD

Goals are like workouts.  Without them you are just going to keep going in circles.  At the School we train.  We train with purpose.  We have a laugh, but we always get the work done.  We always squat or hinge.  We always push and pull.  We do some overhead work.  Why?  Because that is what the human body is designed to do.

If you are struggling to set a goal, click the link below.

The key to your body goals: no matter what they may be – Composure Fitness

Mental Goodness

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Do you see grey in your hair?  How about those dodgy knees?  Do you ever look and smile?  Do we ever tell ourselves we are so much more than just what you can see.  I am guessing not.

So take a read of this great article from Girls Gone Strong.

Valuing Ourselves Beyond the Physical Aspect – Girls Gone Strong


We all tell those little jokes that we know we shouldn’t.  We say things that make some people cringe.  Do you ever stop to think what would happen if your friends who are that nationality, or that sexual persuasion, heard you speak like that?

Everyday Racism in the Fitness World and Beyond – Girls Gone Strong


We all want accountability.  In our jobs.  In our home life.  But what happens when you are a trainer and your clients rely on you to keep them accountable?

Simple answer is you don’t.  That decision is up to them.  The longer answer lies in the article below.

On Client Accountability – Strength Faction

Currently Reading

Some people reckon I consume books like some people consume Spaghetti Bolaganise (I am pretty handy at that as well), so instead of boring you with all of the material I have read, here are the last couple.

If you are a new coach, this book should be the first one you buy.  It should be ear marked, dog tagged, and read to within an inch of its life.  Why?  Because it’s that good!!!

Endurance.  One of space last frontiers….

Oops.  Sorry.  Got excited about Star Trek.  Let’s try again.

Endurance.  Some people have it, while others struggle to tie their own shoes without getting out of breath.  Others can run for miles and not blow out a candle, while some clutch their chest walking upstairs.  Is it the mind that controls the body, or the other way around?

The answer is in the book.  This was loaned to me, and I will definitely be heading down to the local independent book store (Hey Candelo Books) and order a copy in.


Ron McKeefery is a dead set legend in the world of strength and conditioning, and like all legends in the world of S&C, nobody knows of him outside of that sphere.

If you are an up and coming S&C coach, then buy this BOOK now!  It’s more than just a book on coaching.  It’s a book about the life of a great coach, and how to get better.

Quality Articles of the Week – 24th of March 2017

This week for me is a special week.  Why?  Because this is the fifth week I have been able to get this blog post out, and I am pretty chuffed about it.  We have found a new Website of the Week (and it will literally be a website you won’t be able not to keep going back to).  I have also grabbed articles on every single aspect of health and exercise, including nutrition and movement.  We also take a look at how important the mind is to exercise, as well as material that will make you think about who we are as humans.

As always, if you have seen an article that you believe should be in the weekly list, please send it through.

Website of the Week

Well this site blew my mind.  Click on the link and type in your subject of interest.  Mine was exercise (well of course it was going to be.  I couldn’t really search on drinking Guinness from a straw while eating caramel cheesecake could I).  The response was jaw dropping.  Everything from hypertrophy, to energy systems, to bio mechanics and insulin and glucose relationship.  Now I have a feeling that I sound a little like Willy Wonka (and honestly that’s not a bad thing), but if you have an interest in learning, then this could definitely work.

Show me – Learn and discover ANYTHING

General Fitness

Why does Greg Nuckols always appear in the quality articles?  Well apart from the fact he rocks a monster beard, is as strong as ox, and would definitely be one of the most well liked people in the industry.  So whenever Greg releases a new article, it is shared.  Shared here.  Shared on my Facebook page, shared in groups.  The quality is always there…

Hardgainers. What we know about non-responders

Such a shame that this didn’t the air play that it deserved.  Maybe they needed to kill puppies in the ad.  Looking forward to seeing more outcomes on this.

Type 2 diabetes has been “reversed” in 40% of patients for 3 months

This is another article that didn’t make it to any news or radio platforms.  Why?  Because good news stories about exercise and its potential benefits to helping reduce cancer.  Maybe the title would have been “Exercise cures cancer”, and people wouldn’t have read it because it is not some new wonder drug, or being flogged by a celebrity.

Exercise induced bio mechanical changes and their potential influence in cancer: a scientific review

Movement Goodness

Dan Pope.  Thank you again.  If people don’t get on this quality (and free material) they have rocks in their heads…..

How to modify the squat to eliminate painful pinching hips

Gold Medal Bodies, or GMB, have been one of my long go-to pages on bodyweight training and what we can do to make our bodies better.  After all it’s not all about curling in the squat rack.  As an adult, we very rarely play, unless it’s sitting down in front of a console or TV.  Let play guide your movement.  It will definitely allow you to recover quicker…

Make play part of your practice

As a coach, we should contact with physiotherapists, osteopaths and others that allow us to put bits of pieces into our rehab bag.  We should have the knowledge and experience to put exercises in play for homework that will allow the recovery to be better…

How good is your therapeutic exercise programming

Damn you Cor-Kinetic and your great articles.  Looks like I had better share this as well…In all seriousness though, we tend to get all wrapped up in rehab, that we firget this one variable….Go on click on the link.

The missing rehab exercise variable

Strength Training

We all hear people that squatting wide is bad.  Squatting narrow will break your back.  low bar sucks.  High bar is terrible.  But what they don’t want to hear is what Greg has to say. Take it away Mr Nuckols.

Squat stance width

Dr Mike tells it like it is.  And you had better pay attention….

Fitness Myths – Magic Exercises

Dan Pope and crew at Fitness Pain Free are smart.  And helpful.

How to modify deadlifts for Lower Back Pain

Everyone wants triceps that hang off the back of their arms, and when they flex them, it’s like a ham leg coming to life.  If you want to get those triceps better, let Dean Somserset clean up your technique….

Want to do dips? Check this first

Diet and Nutrition

Pancakes!!!  Anyone for pancakes???

Simple protein pancakes

Now while this tested on cricket players, there is no reason why it could not be applied to across the board, especially with the pre-season starting earlier and earlier.  The issue is though, we still have coaches who think that water is for the weak…..

Effects of dehydration on cricket specific skill performance in hot and humid conditions

Food.  We all eat it.  We all love it.  Some of us even worship it (settle down Orthorexics).  What we fail to recognise, however, is the very thing that sabotages our good deeds in the gym.  If you struggle with food, then this post from James Krieger could be the very thing….

A lesson in energy density and palatability

There has been some interesting discussion on this recently.  Alex Viada did a post that shook the internet up, followed closely by Kennet Wale.  Then this beauty was released by James.  While I understand the issues surrounding the incorrect use of the word “Detox”, let James take you on a journey for you understand things a little more.

Detoxing is Bullshit (expect when it’s not)

Mental Goodness

I have never suffered from a migraine, but from what I can decipher is that it’s like someone has a bowling ball and they are throwing it around and around inside your skull, while squirrels are busy hoarding their winter nuts.  If you do suffer from migraines, and have no idea what could be causing it, then this could be extremely helpful.

9 common foods and drinks that can trigger migraines

Sports stars.  We watch their every move.  Buy their products.  Ask them to sign our shirts.  But do we ever stop to think about what life will be like for them when they finish?  At the end of the day, it makes no difference to us, we will just head off after the next big thing.  This is a great article, and should make you think about the next time you see a superstar.

Andre Agassi: “One day your entire way of life ends. Its a kind of death.”


I am just at a loss why people care so much about what others think.  In the way that I look at the world, if someone wants to do something different, then good on them.  There is no reason for them to be judged, or ridiculed.

All the feminine things men would say if they weren’t judged

This should be at the forefront of people’s thought patterns when dealing with everyone.  We are tending to engage less with the heart and mind, and more in a combative state…

Engage the heart and mind through the connected classroom


Coaches.  If you do not know what a sports specific exercise is, you have two choices.  Either understand your sport and read the article, or hand in your coaching certificate.  That’s the only two choices you have.  Let’s hope you choose the first one.

Sports Restrictive vs Sports Specific Exercise: How to avoid damaging our athletes

Spotting.  One of life’s little mysteries in gyms everywhere.  To some, it’s lifting the majority of the weight and claiming your training partner has a new PB, to drinking tea while the bar sits squarely on your partners neck while his struggles to get it off, while you tel them “You got this bro”.  This is a solid article on the ins and outs of spotting, and how to do it safely….

How to spot a client and keep yourself safe

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This is such a great book, and one that every coach worth their salt should have read, and have on their shelf.

Periodization Training for Sports